How Manual Processes Cost Your Business More Than Just Money

Your choice of HR tech shouldn’t be taken lightly, as it directly affects the productivity of your workforce and the success of your business. A new study by Nucleus Research illustrates how Paycom achieves efficiency and cost savings for its clients.
Key takeaways
    Paycom lowered common payroll errors by 80%.
    At one organization, Paycom cut 2-3 hours a week off payroll administrators’ processing time.
    Paycom has an intuitive and straightforward user interface requiring significantly less training
    Against paper-based processes, Paycom increased payroll productivity by 66%.
With approximately 45 employees on its payroll, a manufacturer in the Midwest experienced “poor data integrity.”

However, after switching to Paycom’s software, the manufacturer saw its common payroll errors decrease by 80% and, in turn, saved 55 labor hours annually.